Kara Daviau Studios

Kara Daviau Military Jacket - S.Y.R.

Wearing camouflage to stand out?  Imagine that. 

Take a look at this upcycled Government Issue, hot weather 4-button Military coat in Woodland Camouflage with shoulder patches and chest emblem of the U.S. Air Force.

Back panel print: S.Y.R. Photographed, painted (collaged with dictionary pages S, Y, and R), then printed by Kara Daviau. 

I passed this lonely boom lift each day near an onramp to I-81 near my house. I loved the scene, the way the light played there. Finally, I shot it and painted it."

Theis piece conveys a variety of hidden messages. Can you spot them?

Kara Daviau finds elegance and edge in forgotten spaces. Her collection "Where the Light Is" highlights sometimes haunting images of abandoned structures where light plays amazing tricks and where shadows are the only residents. 

Made of 50/50 cotton/poly blend from Ohio based D.J. Manufacturing Inc. with four scout-style pleated front flap pockets.

Loose fitting small, could fit medium build with shorter arms.

Care: gentle machine was inside-out/cold, mild detergent, lay flat to dry.


Due to its durable American Made construction, this hardy overshirt will last for years to come.