Adler's Old Fashioned

Adler's Old Fashioned Shave Soap

Rich lathers, clean shaves, and soft skin are part and parcel to a man’s beard care routine. Even more important than his own comfort, is that of the person cozying up to him.

Adler’s Old Fashioned Shave Soap is an artisan bar soap proudly Made in USA in Syraucse, NY, with all the authentic trappings of barber shops from a bygone era – complete with aprons, straight razors, and weathered, leather sharpening straps.


Directions: Add a sliver of soap to warm water. Mix vigorously and apply with shave brush. 


Adler’s Old Fashioned Recipe:

The soap begins with traditional olive oil base. Coconut oil is added to produce the soap’s rich lather. And then bacon lard because, well everything’s better with bacon.

Bentonite clay is used to help keep skin clear and provide a layer of protection when shaving.

Added charcoal clears skin and absorbs odor.

It just takes a few simple ingredients and some decorative touches to bring you an amazing shave.