1970's Leather Jacket

Leather, need we say more? This stylish tapered jacket can't be found anywhere else.

This custom 1970's Leather Jacket is inspired by classic leather jackets.

Tailored exclusively for Gary's Clothes of Syracuse, NY. Opening in 1953, the now-closed Gary's Clothes was voted the "Retailer of the Year" Award for integrity in retail merchandising practices for 1974 - 75 by the Men's Apparel Club of New York State.

The wax finish, applied by hand, makes the jacket waterproof, with a soft hand and beautiful color.

Fit: tailored slim.

front length: 27” (buttoned)

back length: 31”

chest: 21”

hip to armpit: 17”

shoulder to cuff: 25”

armpit to cuff: 14.5”

Care: clean only in stoddard solvent used by leather specialist and use Smith’s Leather Balm when dry.

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