Railcar Fine Goods

14.75 oz. Spikes X056 Dark Indigo Slub

The new Spikes X056 is a dark and crispy, modern taper by the denimsmiths at Railcar Fine Goods featuring their slubby proprietary 14.75 oz. dark indigo, red line selvedge.

The dense heavier-medium-weight denim, only from Railar, fades quickly to electric blue with glimpses of white in the fabric.

With more room in the top block and thigh and taper to the ankle, the top-notch double-waistband construction is only outdone by the look of these jeans as they fade with wear.

34" standard inseam. Mill: Railcar Fine Goods proprietary denim.

Due to their durable American Made construction, these jeans will last for years to come.

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