Railcar Fine Goods

12.5 oz. Goldline Nep 001

The Railcar Goldline 001 is handcrafted and made of 12.5 oz. American Cone® selvedge nep denim weave which has a unique trait.  A tufted, or pilling effect appears as the natural, or un-dyed, weft fibers push up through the indigo warp fibers of the weave.  

This unique denim can fade horizontally as well as vertically throughout life of the fabric and becomes extremely comfortable and soft with wear

Another unique detail of this jean includes shell-vedge outseams, which will catch the eye of any denim enthusiast. Other nice touches are heavy American cotton pocket fabric, hand-hammered burr rivets, Railcar branded fly-buttons, and classic, minimal Railcar patch.

34" standard inseam. Mill: Cone Mills Denim®

Due to their durable American Made construction, these jeans will last for years to come.


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