Vintage Paddock Club Flannel Shirt

Outdoorsmen, crafters, tradesmen, visionaries, and rebels. All forged in and born of the American experience; all of them fearless, undaunted, intrepid; all of them wrapped in wool-clad defiance. Will you count yourself among the bold? 

Utility and classic style are blended together in 100% cotton, in the Vintage Flannel Shirt in plaid.  

This heavy duty flannel overshirt is accented with chest pockets, custom buttons, and a sleek quilted poly lining  

Loose fitting overshirt. Made to be worn untucked.

chest: 22.5”

front length: 25"

back length: 28"

sleeve: 24.5" shoulder to cuff

Care: machine was cold, mild detergent, tumble dry low. use warm iron, if needed. 

Due to its durable construction, this hardy overshirt will last for years to come. 

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