Railcar Fine Goods

Oatmeal Chore Coat

The Oatmeal Chore Coat from Railcar Fine Goods is the latest version the ultimate Made-in-USA jacket. Every detail in design and construction was considered to create a functional year-round coat that will last for generations.

The sturdy construction of the jacket features a 12 oz. Italian oatmeal brown warp cotton denim body triple-stitched, using a vintage Union Special chain stitch machine.

All buttons and rivets are Made in USA Custom Hardware and installed by hand. These Chore Coats are cut and sewn in Monrovia, California.

These coats fit trim. Select your normal jacket size for a fitted look. 

Care: hand wash. lay flat to dry.

Due to there durable, American Made construction, this coat will last for years to come.

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