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In 2016, Richmond, VA based fine pencil artist and outdoors enthusiast Osman Mansaray launched Stray Together with the help of a few friends.  The creative collective began working together to develop apparel that inspire people to get outside and dive into their creative passions.

Osman Mansaray, Stray Together, American Reserve Clothing Co.

Richmond (RVA) seems that perfect city for such a collaboration to emerge.  It’s been the site of innovation and industry, its own destruction and rebirth, and is situated on the Piedmont region of the James River with access to an unbelievable natural playground.

Creativity abounds in the city through efforts like The Richmond Mural Project and the RVA Street Art Festival with major contributions from the Lowbrow art movement.

The Stray Together team want you to get out there; literally, strap on your boots, throw on your pack and climb that mountain -figurative or literal- and in a broader sense, pursue your passions! Wear your heart on your sleeve (or across your chest) and trek full steam ahead towards what you love.

The group lives by that ethos and we were immediately drawn to their adventurous spirit.

Roam Bear, Stray Together, American Reserve Clothing Co. Along with the tremendous draw of apparel that is sourced in the US, printed by hand, and inspired by a love of adventure and the outdoors, is the altruism reflected in their partnerships with National Parks, donating 10% of proceeds to benefit the parks that brought them to life

Now in their second year of operations, this talented, hardworking, and passionate group is excited for continued growth in the outdoors and art scene in Richmond, the US, and around the globe.

We’re excited and humbled to bring Stray Together into the American Reserve family and portfolio for Spring/Summer 2018.  See the limited launch items in our collection and grab onto a rad item for inspiration on your next adventure.  Get out there, wear awesome art, celebrate the outdoors and creativity, and give back to wild places and help keep them wild.

Backpack, Stray Together, American Reserve Clothing Co.