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With roots in Ecuador and a home in Houston, TX, Moo-chila blends generational craftsmanship and modern style into handcrafted goods and some of the most comfortable leather footwear we’ve slipped our feet into.

In 2013, founder Ivan Vargas set out from Houston with a simple idea, to introduce the world to Ecuadorian craftsmanship and products while supporting local artisans and providing fair employment. Early on, Vargas engaged a group of independent crafters and tradesmen to design and produce their first product. The resulting solar backpack was perfect for hiking the 6,000+ meter elevation (that’s right, meters) of the Ecuadorian Andes and gave the group the conviction to take the Moo-chila concept further.

Moo-chila, American Reserve Clothing Co.

In 2015 while visiting Ecuador, Ivan met and shared his vision with a group of shoe makers. That collaboration produced the first, and still most popular Moo-chila boot, the chukka. Moo-chila footwear is the flashpoint that is opening doors for the brand, driven by a strong desire to produce a handcrafted shoe that can feel completely different. Since that first launch, Moo-chila has been committed to constructing each production batch from well-treated, full-grain leathers from Ecuadoran tanneries.  The result is an undeniably soft feel from the first wear and durability through its last, combining the rugged look of a traditional boot with the feel more like that of a tennis shoe.

Vargas and Moo-chila are proud of the responsible manufacturing behind the brand and still work directly with family-owned shops and independent artisans to develop, produce and distribute their products.

“All of our products are designed with a modern functionality and traditionally made.’ says Vargas, ‘We do not compromise on our materials or ways of making our products, instead we focus our efforts in educating the market to invest in responsibly made products that later will be treasures on your feet.’

Moo-chila, American Reserve Clothing Co.

Grateful for the support given the brand by its clients, Vargas and Moo-chila expanded their efforts and products to other well-made goods through collaborations with other crafters, among them beautiful, traditional hand-woven toquilla hats.

Don’t take our word for it, you should allow your feet to decide for themselves if these collaborations and good intentions have truly created the footwear and treasures as intended. Shop our collection to find out for yourself.