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Not long after the birth of the American Reserve vision, we set out to source the highest-quality and best styles emerging in menswear. Products made by inspired creatives looking to make an impact on the places where they live and the state of mind of their patrons. Our travels took us to major markets on each coast, in windy Midwest cities, and rugged urban centers of Texas.

When we were first introduced to Mill Co. 915, we immediately saw a team that had constructed a brand in a mid-market, mid-American city that rivals anything we’d seen in the fashion centers on the coasts.

Born from the creative minds of a Columbus, Ohio trio with a desire to deliver high quality knits for men -a simple and organic concept, Mill Co. 915 is a brand with the chance to be as cherished and sought-after as any L.A. based, high-quality white tee. Not only that, Mill Co. 915 specializes in a V-neck soft enough to make you consider never taking it off. A crew neck option launched in 2018.

Creators Bell Hoy and Jennifer & Michael Jordan saw a void in men’s fashion when it comes to high quality, casual knits. A market where busy consumers, open to investing in great looks and nice things, don’t have time for apparel that is complicated or too-delicate.

Yes, there are tons of tshirt companies out there, but Mill Co. sources one of the most exclusive and rare cottons in America -strong enough for repeated wear without worrying about the integrity of its quality.

Casual luxe essentials is the product segment. The mission is to become the go-to knitwear destination for men. Mill Co. 915 wants to deliver the best knits in the industry to fit into your cool and casual lifestyle.

More diversified than the average rust belt city, Columbus is a town that knows innovation, hard work, and style as the birth place of both sculptor Christopher Ries and famed, realist painter George Bellows. Bellows’ depictions of the hard conditions of early twentieth century working-class Americans resonates through the strength of each Mill Co. 915 garment as well as the American Reserve Clothing Co. ethos.

George Bellows – Cleaning Fish, 1913

Focused on earning a positive relationship and trust by offering one of the best tees you’ve ever worn, Mill Co. is destined to be a viable player in the knitwear industry for men. ‘The customer is our first priority,’ says creator Hoy. ‘We’re here to create reliable pieces for every guy’s wardrobe. We want him to tell us what he likes, how he thinks we can improve, and we want to know how he wears his Mill Co. tee.’

The softest you’ve ever worn? That’s a bold statement. Perhaps you should let your shoulders -or better yet, whoever you're cozying up to, tell you for sure. Shop our collection to find out.