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Minimalist in design and almost overflowing with character, CMBD jeans are something like a cloth representation of a stoic philosopher -reserved simplicity with a brooding undercurrent of passion. CMBD founder Charles Miller, wants you to live a more adventurous life and to believe in letting your journey’s destination unfold as you go.

CHARLES MILLER BRAND DENIM (CMBD) is an American Made , Veteran-owned premium denim and goods company.  Inspired by years spent in constant motion in the military, their products are crafted with the traveling professional in mind; birthed from the desire to have a great fitting pair of jeans that break perfectly over almost any footwear and match with the classic t-shirt.

The slow churn of military life also taught Miller that character is built through consistency, that stories build over time, and that we take some breaking in ourselves -just like our jeans. 

‘Growing as an individual, building character from life experience and wear, that’s the focus for why we decided to launch with all raw denim products. Life is raw, just like CMBD denim jeans. This idea mirrors the life perspective of accepting change and embracing detours.’

Based in D.C., Miller began his own denim journey in L.A. and his creative vision has benefitted from the influence on both coasts. The resulting fit is sculpted and slim; a slick idealism expressed in raw denim.

With the motto Some live cautious. I live denim. this is a brand for any professional who lives and grinds in their denim; who wear it every day creating a bond and history with it. The innovators who think outside the box, the people who see failures as opportunities, and those not afraid of taking risks.

“I actively serve my Country and I am pushed every day to do better and be better in all areas of my life. Learning to balance the ever-changing events and exploring new places brings life and energy to CMBD. Our mission is to personally accessorize you with quality denim for your journey.”

All journeys, Miller will tell you, have destinations. Many of which, the traveler is unaware. And while the destinations are important, the true value comes from the story of your travels. CMBD urges you to tell the history of your journey through the fades in your jeans.

‘To us, American Made is everything. And as we grow, we hope to put our mark on the history of high-quality, modern American workwear and the American dream, all while enjoying life with a community of friends and family in denim.’ 

Start your journey, tell your story, and join the CMBD community with our collection.