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Born in Maine from a desire to get back to nature in even the most humble and utilitarian of household products, Smith's Leather Balm is an all natural leather conditioner that can be used to hydrate all smooth-finished and oil-tanned leathers.

When Shane and Mandy Smith decided to ditch every chemical-based product in their house, they looked under the dish sink and in the laundry room. They rummaged through the fridge and emptied the kitchen cupboards. They left no drawer unopened or shelf undisturbed.

Six months later, Shane was taking a few quiet moments to care for his boots, gently brushing the well-worn leather then rubbing in some of his favorite boot product by hand. Mandy entered the room and froze. “Stop!” she said, “What are you doing?”

Suddenly remembering every product label they’d read and jettisoned from their home, Shane was almost immediately aware that his trusted boot product would most likely not live up to all natural standards that had now settled over the household.

Slowly, abashedly, Shane turned the small jar over in his greased and calloused hands. There it read, as many of the others had only this time with a tinge of the shameful betrayal of an old friend, “Potentially Harmful or Fatal if Ingested.” 

“I can make something that works just as well and is safer for our home.” Mandy said.

And so, she did.  She mixed cocoa butter, a cherished moisturizer in every upscale beauty salon, with beeswax, a natural and effective waterproofer, and almond oil to soften and beautify the leather.

At first, the balm was a Smith family secret. Granted, at this point Shane and Mandy were simply unaware of what they had just created. Until…

One holiday season, the Smiths, always big on heart, were a little short of resources and decided to put some of their homemade Leather Balm into small mason jars and gift it to family and friends. And that’s just what they did.

A few short months later –winter days are cold and abbreviated in Maine- Shane’s brother called to ask how he could get more of that amazing boot product they’d given him. “We really don’t do that.’ Shane said. I guess we owe his brother thanks for his response. “Well, maybe you’d better start.”

We’re so impressed with the Smiths and their all natural Leather Balm that we include a 1 oz. tin with every purchase of leather boots from our shop. We’re pretty confident that you will be too!

Take it from Lucas Fitzpatrick (@lucasfitz), who is one classy dude in New England.

“The Smith’s story is one you want to stand behind and the quality of the product speaks for itself without hiding behind anything. I think it’s a no-brainer.”